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Wat bezoeken, tips & tricks: Cubakenners geven advies en antwoord op vragen


 #115945  door Mari
Al zouden ze weer visa toekennen, dan heeft het nog steeds geen zin. Iemand met de Cubaanse nationaliteit heeft op dit moment toestemming nodig om het land te verlaten. Ze houden je gewoon tegen op het vliegveld in Cuba (ongeacht je een dubbele nationaliteit, een verblijfstatus voor lange tijd of een Schengen visum hebt).

Dit zegt de ambassade erover:
Notice regarding the Cuban COVID-19 measures for the entry and exit of foreign residents and their families in Cuba.

Regarding the exit of the Cuban territory:

Dutch-Cuban nationals as well as Cuban spouses, partners and children of Dutch nationals are allowed to leave Cuba only if authorized by the Ministerio del Interior (MININT). This permission is granted on a case-by-case basis and needs to be requested at the local immigration offices.
Permanent residents planning on exiting the country are advised to contact their immigration office or the “atención al ciudadano” office in their place of residence. The offices can be reached through the following numbers: 18808; 78589459; 78589455; 72030213.

Regarding the entry of the Cuban territory:

Foreign residents (both temporary and permanent) as well as Dutch-Cuban nationals are not allowed to re-enter Cuba until the resumption of commercial flights. This is expected to occur once Cuba enters phase 3 of its COVID-19 recovery plan.
In exceptional circumstances a special permission to return to Cuba may be granted by Cuban authorities. This special permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. For more information regarding this permit, travelers are advised to contact the Cuban consulate in their country of residence or contact their local Cuban immigration office.
Cuba remains closed for tourists until the resumption of commercial flights except, under special circumstances, to some of the Cayos.

We would like to reiterate that, at the moment, for the aforementioned cases (Cuban nationals, Dutch-Cuban nationals and Dutch residents, both temporary and permanent) who have not obtained special permission to return, leaving Cuba means not being able to return until commercial flights resume during phase 3. The start date of phase 3 is not yet known. Those who have obtained special permission to return before phase 3 will need to pass a 2-week quarantine in a specialized center.

Ik heb trouwens meerdere keren de garantstelling gemaild destijds en het Schengenvisum is daar nog nooit op afgewezen. Gewoon printen daar en meenemen met de andere stukken.